Types of Available Drug Detox Treatments

Types of Available Drug Detox Treatments

With the rising popularity of south Florida detox and their witnessed positive effects, new and improved detox treatments have come up recently. Each addiction case is not the same and therefore they are not to be treated with the same type of program. Here are some popular types of detox treatments:

Medicated Detox Programs

Medical detox programs are generally long-term and can last up to several years. While medicated treatments are often said to run the risk of resulting addiction to the drugs involved, this is far from the truth. The medical programs and the use of drugs are heavily regulated by the federal government. Generally prescription painkiller or heroin addictions are treated medically at detox of South Florida.

Natural Detox

This is the exact opposite of medical detox as it relies almost completely on natural treatments which have no pharmaceutical connection. In theory the concept of a natural detox is really simple. All you are required to do is stop taking the drug and the program tries to treat your withdrawal symptoms with a holistic approach.

Natural detox plans have to be redesigned for every new visitor as everyone’s individual needs are different. Since the withdrawal symptoms depend on the type of drug, length of addiction and some other physical conditions, the natural detox programs have different schedules for different people. One of the major benefits of this South Florida detox program is that there are no side effects and it works faster than some medicated programs.

Outpatient or Inpatient?

You are given the choice of going through the detox program as an inpatient or outpatient. As the name suggests, an inpatient resides inside the detox center and his diet, exercise, and medication is managed by the staff. However, for some long-term treatments like methadone maintenance or Suboxone treatment, the patient can be an outpatient and is not required to reside within the facilities.

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