Auto Switch off problem in Mobile phone and its solution

It is very important to diagnose certain problems that you may face while using your mobile phone. Once you identify the problem, it becomes easy to find a solution. Auto Switch off in mobile phone is a common problem that includes Hangs, Auto Off, freezes and slow processing.

Many times, you might have noticed that your mobile phone gets switched off automatically for no good reason. Sometimes it may happen while you are talking over the phone, playing games on your phone or even when you are not using the phone. Many other software problems like a flash fix, problems related to applications, system updates can be solved easily.

Let us learn about the possible reasons as why your cell phone gets switched off automatically and how to fix the problem.

You can face the auto switch off problems even with popular brands of smart phones. You can try to look into the symptoms, identify the issue and resolve it.


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How to solve Auto switch off problem in mobile phones?

  1. Check the applications that are downloaded and try to identify as when the problem is happening or happened.
  2. Check for possible reasons like whether the problem occurs when a certain application or app is running.
  3. If you think there is an application responsible for the problem, remove the application and check if the problem is rectified or not. There are some malicious apps that contain viruses and cause problems in mobile phones. Uninstall all such apps immediately. Install a good antivirus to prevent further problems.
  4. If the problem still exists, then try to perform a factory reset or update the operating system on your mobile phone. This will help solve the problem. Make sure you take a back up of all your pictures, videos, audios, documents etc., before you perform a factory reset.